Improve Your Video Presentation Skills 

We will help keep you on track, stop you from slipping and help you learn faster.

How Does This Work?

We are a FREE video practice and accountability group...  

You can imagine this group as being similar to an online version of Toastmasters.   

By joining, you are committing to:-‚Äč

  • Publish a video to your YouTube channel publicly at least once per week
  • Watch some (or all) of the videos of other members in the accountability group and provide constructive feedback to help them learn.

Each week you will receive a list of all videos that have been published by email.

If you miss the publishing deadline for any given week, you will be removed from the group permanently.  This is to maximize the pain of not following through and is designed to help you stick to your schedule.  

The only way to get good at anything is through consistent, deliberate practice.

That's what this group is all about.  

You will be working with a group of people in the same situation as you...As a group we will:-

  • encourage you 
  • help you
  • provide you with feedback
  • help you get over any obstacles that you have and...
  • answer any questions. 

However, if you miss your practice, you're out.  No questions asked.

What Should be the Content of the Video?

That is entirely up to you.

Some of us are doing book reviews....Others are talking about things that are passionate to them.

The only rules for the content are that it should be you talking to the camera and the video should be at least 2 minutes long.

Here is an example video:-

Ready to Be Relentless?

You'll only get one shot at this - so make you sure that you only join when you are ready.  

If you're serious, committed and dedicated to becoming awesome on video
then click the button below to join