How This Works

You can image this being an online version of Toastmasters, except it's free.

It's a place where members can practice creating videos and is open to everyone, regardless of current ability.

By joining, you'll be able to get the support, feedback and any questions have about video creation that you need answered from this small community of like minded people.

The two main drivers of this accountability group are to:-

  1. collectively get better at the skill of creating videos
  2. all be held accountable to post videos regularly

Everyone in the group supports, helps, provides feedback and gives valuable insights so that we can collectively improve our video game.

An example of this in action from our Facebook group:-

The Rules

In this accountability group the main rule is this:- everyone agrees to publish at least one video every week...without fail.

If you miss a week, then you're out of the group..

Permanently, that is - you can't rejoin.​

The only other rules are as follows:-

  • You can build up credit.  So if you know you're going on holiday next week, you can do two videos this week and the extra video credit will roll over for the week that you're away.
  • The video must show your face.  This accountability group is focused on video presentation, so videos where you are talking to the camera.
  • The video must be at least 2 minutes long.  Sending a 10 second mug shot doesn't suffice 🙂

The content of your video is up to you, as long as it complies with the rules above.

Here is an example video:-

What Happens After I Sign Up?

You'll receive an email from us shortly to confirm that you've been added to the group. The email will also contain details about when the next video is due.

We'll also add you to our private Facebook group where you can introduce yourself and see all the feedback, Q&A's and discussions that the group is having.